Sunday, 21 June 2009

my first blog.

chaaa. that was only me tryna be nice. :) in other harsh words init. ABELLA :)
Wow, people seem to gain a confidence boost when they're behind computer screens! Don't be so indirect with your comments! Just be straight up and say something about it! No need to be scared now! Plus, don't be branding names when they're not even true! Where's the evidence? The facts. The figures. Got none? Thought so. Be real! If you got an issue or problem just say it, don't be getting hot-headed and saying things on the top of your head. It's not right. Don't put me in the wrong when I weren't even in it! My actions weren't deliberate to affect you. It's just moving on! What can I do in that situation? Nada. I can't tag along and stay around for that long, could I!
anyway, I needed to get that off my chest! I ent gonna be expecting an apology. sa'll good. life goes on. shud aready get used to knowing that in this generation respect means nothing to most people.dont worry about it init.
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hiiii. :) im gonna make this blog thing a regular thing right now. unfortunately i really haven't got anything better to do with my life; as i'm baby sitting the dearest niece elena. i really haven't done this kinda thing before. but outta curiosity, i clicked on some link on a friends msn personal message and i found that this website was really intresting; this is probably a discreet way in how people can actually get to know the real me; dispite the fact alot of people seem to follow up alot of what they think they know. if your right in the head, you'd stop carrying onto that path and start reading from the realest. its coming from me. not anyone else. im not gonna put this website anywher apart from my p.m and let them have an insight of what people like to call "my bussiness". immuh make my blog quite vague towards people. in doing so, i would like to verify that i ent what people seem to say i am. the way i react towards things, being a continous flirt..being as bitchy, & and theres many more. alot of people may have defined me in thier own words. joke is, i dont really like defining myself. kos' i just am. people seem to assume alot me, they think i dont know. i do. LOL. im gonna give people a chance to read this.. and the reason for being it is to hear my side.let you see through me. and also give a chance for you to know what really goes throo this thick head of mine. i shall keep updating. a chance to know my real deal.

love love love love

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