Tuesday, 23 June 2009


this is gonna be random. and only a couple of people would clock on who im talking about and what my drift is about. i ent on talking in proper grammer right now. LOL. kos' im fast typing and shit. but yerh.. kos' i've got alot of time in my hands. immuh take my time and be content about things and just think back to where i realised how fucked people are in the heads. overal the outcome of situations. ive always looked on the positive side of it. it ent ever the end of the pain i feel but there are always gonna be happy times for me.. you may not understand some of the stuff i may have written on this blog, but i am a difficult person. & im over stubborn in many cases. but can you really blame me?

who's the first man a girl supposed to have a relationship with? not particularly blaming you. but your the one who's suppose to hold me up till i can walk on my own? your the one who was supposed to calm me down every time i panicked things wasnt gonna be okay but instead you went off in your own outbursts and made everythign worser. and you blame why i talk back? you blame her for taking thr rights away in loving me and george? you made us suffer for kos' you were. how selfish can you get. you know only little about me. for past nearly 18 years. ive not once thot about one good in you. im trying. but im tired.

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  1. i didnt know you got blogspot as well xD
    *high five* lol